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When preparing for examinations in your schools, good teachers or lecturers who have got some understanding and also have your interest at heart will always tell you, ‘don’t wait too long trying to unravel a question because the time frame is not designed to favour that. So, if you must be able to finish on time and still do well, as soon as a question is proving difficult or a little confusing, drop it and move on. By the time you have attempted the ones that come quite easy, you can then go back to the ones that were proving difficult. With that, you’ve gained time and sealed the ones you’re certain about and also gained some confidence and more relaxed mind to face the seemingly difficult ones.’


You’ll agree with me that it really works well. Also, life is an examination and there are several questions (challenges or obstacles) that come at you at some points. Now, we fail to make progress simply because we muse and worry over a particular question instead of moving on. You’ve got no money on you and instead of thinking about what you can do with the time, the relationship, the skill, the talent and many other things you’ve got that will give you a sense of fulfilment or progress and eventually bring money to the table, you sit in a position and you keep whining. Truth be told, that’s bad business!


It’s Monday and I want you to understand that really, you’re not limited. For the fact that you need or desire something and it’s not forth coming does not put you at a disadvantage. There are several other things you’ve got which you simply need to shift your focus to. Stop focusing on what you don’t have. Focus on what you have. Make the best with it and at the end of the day, you will feel more fulfilled and productive than just sitting down, feeling disarmed.

Progress is never measured by getting or having. Progress is measured by doing. You move on the wheels of actions, not on the wheels of gifts or rewards. It is not every question that life faces you with that you can easily get answers to in the moment, but why wait there until you find an answer when there are other questions you can easily answer? And perhaps, the answer to the tough one is in other simple ones that are just few numbers away. So, why sit here till the whole time is gone and you’re told to submit your script?


Being resourceful is not about having all the resources, but about knowing how to maneuver and manage the few you’ve got. It’s about being able to see opportunities when others see none, about being able to identify resources when they don’t even look like it, about being able to trade what you’ve got for what you need. Dear young fellow, you’ve got time, energy, passion, talent, friendships, a brain to think, a mouth to talk, a leg to walk, a hand to work, etc. Stop sitting there simply because you’ve got no money or someone doesn’t want to help you. Move on with something.

Make use of your resources! Move on with life and let the unyielding question be. There are other ones you can answer. Use the moment to face those ones. The only language time understands is “now.” So, make use of it. No present situation can be too worse that nothing can be brought forth from it.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.


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