Talent Development

Talent Development

Talent Development is very important to us because, we recognize the fact that your talent is your object of relevance & without it, fulfillment in life, relevance in the society & a life of internal peace & unison will be far from reach. And most importantly, we're interested in it because it's the reason for the confusion of most young people.

If you have been through school, you will understand that with the number of graduates your department is churning out every season and the number of colleges producing your kind into the society, if at all you must stand out amidst the thousands of graduate ready to compete over the limited space available, then you must bring into the equation, a "YOU" factor. And this is simply because, no matter how good your degree is, there are those who are as good as you are and probably many more who are better off.

So the question is, what is going to set you apart from the crowd if not an element of 'YOU' added into the equation? This is why you must locate your talent, your areas of strength and your uniqueness if you must stand out in this generation. There are no two ways about it.


Talent DevelopmentThis is something very important which we need to understand as young people. Having talents is not an end in itself. Reaching your potential is the hallmark of it all. Talent is not just enough. You've got to put your heart to it and put in your effort to it in order to reach your maximum potential. That's one.

Another fact is that reaching your potential in life is not just dependent on your talent alone (represented as the brain in the picture). It is also dependent on your passion (represented by the heart) and your personality strenghts (represented as the muscle). All of these three must agree before you can spot out where exactly is your region of maximum potential.

Being in school and taking a course in the university should not interfere with your talent development, your passion and other areas of self/personality discovery. And your learning will only be faster when it's from the premise of building more capacity for your talent(s) to find expression. Moreover, what is the essence of schooling if it is not for you to be able to build relevance with your life? So, if that is the goal and if we know that you need to bring the element of 'YOU' into the equation for that to be achieved, then you need to create a balance between academic workload and talent development.  That's imperative.

So, how do we come in?

At Clarylife Global, through study, we have been able to map out four KEY areas in which students individually exhibit or show traces of being talented:

  • Academic/Intellectual (Mathematically inclined, Science inclined, Abstract Thinker, etc)
  • Vocational/Technical (Dexterity with tools/gadgets, Curiousity for how they work, etc.)
  • Interpersonal/Social (Leadership roles, Social interaction, People skills, etc.)
  • Artistic (Painting, Creative Writing, Drawing, Music, Drama, etc.)

We help students to spot out their talents and guide them on how to build their relevance with it. We understand that being a student is not an excuse for not being relevant. Being a student should not be a limitation and a reason to sit down and do nothing with one's life. There are several community projects, social issues and problems that can be solved by students who have found their talents and taken time and energy to develop them with the right heart of being agents of transformation.

Are you a student and you need someone to talk to concerning your talent and how you can build relevance as a student?

Are you also a teacher who loves to be very helpful to his or her students in identifying their talents and nurturing them to greatness?