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While we complain about things school is not doing right, it is quite interesting that the same schools have produced certain qualities and breeds of men who are conquering in their respective spheres today. Think of some giants in the music industry, movie industry, fashion industry, business world, etc., most of them studied here in Nigeria and not too long ago. Most of them actually passed through the same anomalies we still complain about till date and yet, they came out strong.

As someone going through the educational system, your output is principally dependent not on the reality, but on your attitude to it. Now, while it may be true that we’re in the information age and virtually everything that is being taught in school can be learned on Google, the truth remains that most of things that can be found on Google are the facts and theories, histories and dates, names and events, etc.

And Albert Einstein has rightly said that

true education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. Click To Tweet

So, if it’s only the fact you’re after, you may have missed out on the true purpose of schooling.

The true purpose of schooling is in the fact that as a major stronghold of societal transformation, the school is known as a place where values, culture, ethics and principles are driven into the souls of students such that those things live with them all their life long. Of course, a wise man has said, “we all grow old to forget the facts and theories, but the values and principles remain with us all the time” and Albert Einstein again has said that education is what remains in you when you must have forgotten all that you learnt in the classroom.

Now, what are those silent lessons that every student must learn?

  • Teachability

The importance of school is to learn the art of learning i.e. being teachable always, in learning, unlearning and relearning. School prepares us for a world where learning never ends. The only difference is that in the school, we learn basically to get grades, but in life, we do it to remain relevant. So, being teachable is a value you have to learn in school. This means, always having an open and receptive mind.


  • Self-learning

There are times in school (especially in the higher institutions) when lecturers will not be able to cover all that is necessary for you to learn within a semester or on a particular course and you’ll be told to go and read up the rest for yourself. Yes, we may not always find this situation palatable, but the truth is, this is a skill you always need to survive in life i.e. your ability to search for information via any means – Google, Youtube, Library, etc., – and get yourself informed, enlightened and equipped to face challenges.


  • Time Management

Lecturers may load you with assignments and reports to prepare within a short period of time in the midst of several other important activities and it’s as though, they are very unreasonable with the tasks and deadlines they give you. The truth is, it can never be harder than what you’ll probably face in the corporate environment. You’ll be faced with tougher deadlines and assignments.

So, your ability to cope in school is a training to help you cope in the corporate world as well. Even if you say you want to have your own business, it will still be tougher. So, is it getting tough in school with deadlines, you’ve got to learn and adapt because life doesn’t get easier. We only have to get stronger.


  • Relational & Communication Skills

These are the skills we are made to learn during group practicals, seminar presentations, when faced with tough courses that will warrant meeting with other students or having a group study, getting a project proposal approved, etc. Communication ethics and establishing profitable relationships are still unbeatable in the corporate world and if you must survive in school and at the same time, get true education out of there, you can’t do without these two things. So, school provides you with an atmosphere to learn, imbibe and employ these skills to ensure survival.


  • Adaptability

As a matter of fact, and especially in the Nigerian terrain, things can always be tough for students (especially for those with little to no support from anywhere); however, you’re expected to adapt to some appreciable level. Whether you like it or not, there is something we call “The Student Life” and it is very real. You’ve got to be able to live it responsibly. Why? The society you’re preparing yourself to face is always in a state of constant transitioning. The only thing that is permanent is “Change”.


On a final note…

Now, one important thing is that some of these lessons may not be available for you in the classroom. That’s why the school has got more than classrooms. There are social clubs, student associations, extra-curricular activities, etc. So, do you want to get the best out of school? Don’t limit yourself to classroom! You can never get all of it there. Go outside the classroom and learn life! Life is always a good teacher, but you’ve got to be a good student as well.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.


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