Purpose Discovery

Purpose Discovery

What is the importance of knowing your purpose? Why should you give time to understand what your purpose is? If you don't know it, does it stop you from living a good life, doing well in school, getting a good job, making cool money, getting married and giving birth to children? The fact is, you can do all of these and still not know your purpose. Not knowing your purpose doesn't stop them from happening. So, why break a neck if it doesn't affect any of these things?

Wait a little!

Have you read or heard about rich, popular and influential persons committing suicide? Have you read or heard about rich families breaking up? Have you read about people not finding happiness in well-paying jobs? So, all of those things I mentioned up there which seem to be what we all are chasing after, don't always bring joy or give a sense of fulfillment. They don't. They may give momentary happiness or feelings of excitement, but what gives a lasting joy is that they fall in line with one's purpose. That's why getting to know your purpose before making decisions in any of these areas, is very important or else, you'll end up getting frustrated by what should ordinarily give you joy.

Whatever our religious affiliation or personal belief, one thing that guarantees our satisfaction in life and gives us a sense of belonging and fulfillment is that somewhere deep inside our being, we feel a sense of, "I'm an important part of something bigger than me." That's purpose fulfillment. It's not just about what you're getting from life, but a sense of fulfillment that comes from that awareness that you're relevant, important and integral to the smooth running of the world.


Of course, getting to arrive at this discovery doesn't come overnight. It's a journey; however, that journey has rules to be followed. A person who is consciously and intentionally on a journey of purpose discovery will always make better decisions, choices and live a better life than the one who is just living each day as it comes. Purpose discovery is never accidental. It comes only with deliberate efforts and only to those who are actively in search for it. So, do you want to enlist on this journey? I can be your guide.