At Clarylife Global, out of 14 years of learning, series of experiences and mind-blowing discoveries, we have been able to draw out lessons and solution to some of the common problems we see among our youths today, and even in their engagements in the corporate world as employees and in business as well.

Right from the educational institutions, among youths and teenagers, up-coming talents and those who are seeking direction for life, we have been able to spread our impact and help a great number of young individuals to gain clarity, find their paths, locate their purpose, catch a vision for their future and ultimately, we have been able to help them see the great value in themselves and to start raising platforms with those values. That's courtesy of our products and some of them are listed below:

#Self-Leadership Masterclass

Under this course, we train our participants on the elements of self-leadership: Self-discovery, Self-awareness, Time & Self Management, Emotional Intelligence, Catching a Vision & Goal Setting. This product is very vital and essential for young people with self-esteem issues, lack of direction, etc. It's also very important for leaders who are suffering from one leadership crisis or the other and for those passing through what Peter F. Drucker calls the leadership crucible in one of  the Harvard Business Reviews On Leadership.

#Memory Boost Strategies for Students

This course helps students to develop their memories, comprehension level, study habit and academic brilliance. Under it, we train our participants on Recognition & Recollection, Facts & Concepts while reading, the SQ3R formula for effective study, Mind-mapping and Knowledge links, Information Encoding & Decoding, Meta-cognition & Essence of Forgetting.

#Flexible & Effective Study Time-table for Students

Under this course, we talk about the factors of an effective study time table, concentration life-span while reading and how to boost it, styles of learning, adaptability & pareto principle, time allocation & course loads, understanding one's most productive hours of the day and how to allocate them for mental tasks, strategies for exam preparation that works.

#Brand Leadership

Under this module, we talk about personal branding, corporate branding, product branding, brand visioning, brand metamorphosis, value proposition, brand synergy & niche carving. This product is very essential for business start-ups, corporate establishments, individuals building a personal brand.

#Delivery Skills for Teachers

Under this course, we talk about inspirational teaching, storytelling, collaborative learning, trust building with students, listening skills, self-awareness and self-management, talent scouting, etc. Teachers gain a lot from this package as it equips them to face the tough challenges every student presents them with.

#Talent Mastery

Under this course, we talk about talent discovery, difference between talent, purpose and potential and their relationship, finding a purpose for one's talent, talent-to-skill conversion, networking, idea development, self-marketing, etc. We equip our trainees with everything they need to understand about bringing their talent from crude stage to lime-light.

#Momentum & Tribe Leadership

This course is for leaders, aspiring leaders, activists and those who are interested in community development. Under this course, we train people on how to come up with a compelling vision, how to build a community of loyalists to the vision, communication skills for effective leadership, how to locate the dimensions of a vision and maintain relevance with it. In a nutshell, we help leaders with vital strategies to be found and to remain relevant.


We have been to many tertiary institutions and among the students in the pure sciences, one challenge we have found to be very common is the poor foundation in the basic 'O' level sciences of which Chemistry is a principal subject. A lot of students fail woefully in their 1st and 2nd year in school due to this poor foundation in Chemistry and many more are even repeating the course till their final year in school. So, with much burden and concern, we developed this course for those who are already out of high school, those who are processing their admission into college and those who are having issues in their early years in college. It's simply a revisit on the foundations in Chemistry. It's an online based programme for now and the  package includes webinars, video classes, school assignment support for those in colleges and great teaching experiences.

To have access to these courses,