Personal Branding

Personal Branding

We live in a world that is largely ruled by perception and as such, how people relate with us is largely determined by what they perceive about us. Although, perception can vary and one may not totally have control over how people choose to see us or what they perceive about us, but one thing is sure and that is, even if we may not be able to control it, we can still influence it. Since we say leadership is influence, therefore, influencing how people perceive us can be termed, Brand Leadership.

Why is personal branding or brand leadership very important?


One important reason is that whatever or wherever you want to attain in this life, to get there, you must be able to brand yourself up to it. Personal branding therefore is an art of packaging yourself or adjusting yourself to meet up to the demands of a desired or aspired reality. Branding is not about faking it. Branding is about building yourself to reach it. Do you want to be successful in life? You build yourself into it. Whatever it is you want to become in life, you need to build yourself into it. That's branding. And when a young man or young lady begins to brand himself or herself, it will be noticeable to everyone around him or her.

In order to be a successful leader in any sphere, your personal brand cannot be overemphasized. Your personal brand is what helps you to influence people and get their buy-in. It has been said that people buy-in into a leader before they buy-in into his vision. That's the power and influence of a personal brand.

This is one area I love to help young people - to build a powerful brand that commands the respect of others and that improves their reputation and credibility. Would you want me to come in and assist you in building such?