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As a teacher, you need to recognize your brand and live it daily. We are in the digital age and just as your life in school and offline is important and crucial to your students and personal career development, your online presence is equally important. Besides this, are you looking for a transition or trying to seek employment in other educational institutions outside where you are currently, chances are high that these days, employers also take interest in how you appear on Google and other social platforms.

Another thing you need to understand is that proper branding helps you live a life of all-round fulfilment in your field beyond the 8-5 classroom experience. Proper branding exposes you to profitable relationships and support groups that will boost your visibility, help you grow in your experience and in turn, result in increase in value. This is why you need to take this very seriously.

What are those important things to watch on your social platforms?

1) Your profiles and bio

How professional do you keep them? Do they represent you well as a teacher? Do they tell about your strengths and career history? Do they reveal your competences and present you as an expert? How do you get to know about this?

  • It should be only you in the picture and a very recent picture of yours.
  • It should not have any other object or logo or product being displayed.
  • It should be with a beautiful and pleasant facial expression of yours.
  • Attire should be professional or business casual.
  • Your face should be the focus in the picture.


2) Your social media timelines/handles/walls

Looking back at your last 5 posts, can we tell what you do? Are your timelines congested/diffused or are they clear and personalized? Are you in control of what can be found on your timelines/handles/walls? Do you have brand signatures that represent your personality and experience/expertise as an educator? To have a control of this, you need to disable automatic tagging (if using Facebook). You can set it to give you the permission to review posts before they appear on your timeline. Also, don’t just share anything you see on social media. Before you share a thing, be very sure it is in line with what you intend to be known for. Finally, regularly update your timelines with inspiring, educative and interesting posts that boost your image as a teacher with a class.


3) Your online engagements, network and or communities

What communities do you belong to? Who are your friends? Who do you follow? What kind of things do you share? Who posts on your timelines? Are you safe for your students to follow on social media? Are there things you would rather be ashamed of yourself if your fellow teachers, employer or students should find out on your social platforms?

You need to do an audit of your social platforms – the friends you follow online, the communities you belong to (Facebook groups, Google+ communities, Instagram pages), the posts you share and the ones others tag you in. Do all of these present you in a good and professional tone? You need to get more intentional with them. For an affordable social media audit and consultation, you can click here.




I need to let you understand that we live in a perception-driven era and this doesn’t exempt teachers and educators. In fact, our lives teach more than our mouths do. So, having read through these few expositions, do you think you need a brand audit and more assistance on how to brand yourself digitally? You can reach out to us at Clarylife Global and we will help you with a professional online presence that sets you at a cutting-edge in the education industry.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.


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