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Steve Jobs said, “Design is not how it feels, but how it works.” When you spend your time designing and selling products without going deep and creating an experience that will accompany that product, you will really struggle. One thing you should know as someone who is building a brand is that in the heat of competition, what sells is not whatever good or service you’re providing. What sells is the experience you’re giving.

But if what you’re projecting is what you sell or the service you provide, perhaps, several thousands of people are doing the same and that method will never stand you out or give people the reason you should be the only one they should patronize, but when you project an experience, you bring down competition.

Now, talking about value proposition, your value is not your goods or service, but the experience your clients/customers get by patronizing you. You need to get that clear. The value is not in the item, but in the experience accompanying the use of the item. Are you a coach or speaker or trainer or what have you? The value is not your process. The value is the experience they get as they pass through the process. No matter how sophisticated or high-sounding your method sounds, if it doesn’t give an experience that makes them come again, you’ll simply be losing money.


Another thing I want you to understand is that depending on the differences in demographics, several people will need your stuff for different reasons. Look at Peak Milk, they show a video of Kanu Nwankwo taking their milk and next, they show a very nice goal shot he took. Who are they trying to talk to? Athletes, sports people, people in field work who expend lots of energy. At other times, they show a video of a boy whose mum gives Peak milk in the morning and when he gets to school, he’s the only one able to answer the questions the teacher in school is asking. Who are they reaching out to this time around? Parents, students, academics, etc. So, for those whose need or reason for purchase is energy, the first message to them and for those whose reason for purchase or need is better brains, the second message gets to them.

Do you really want your stuff to sell? You need to ask yourself, “who are those who need this thing and for what reason?” This is very important. Speaking in the language they can understand means you’re able to get at the reason for which they need your stuff. If you can’t get at that reason, you may have to struggle and the experience you’ll be giving will be off the point.

Your “WHY” is the same reason people would want to buy from you. That is the experience, not the “WHAT” that you’re doing or selling. Have you got a skill, a talent, an expertise? Look deep into the experience it can give. That’s where the costumer satisfaction lies. That’s what will draw people and make them come again.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.


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