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I need you to understand these few things about building a brand as an expert in any field. When it comes to raising the perception of people about you, everything boils down to how you define your “value”. When we say value proposition, a lot of people emphasize on quality of products & services, high-sounding methods and process, etc. While these are very good and always pay off in the long run, they are not as effective when they are the only things you share with your prospective audience. To your audience, they don’t define “value” by your methods, processes, products or services. So how do they define value?
They define value by the feelings of having their problems solved.
When you show up on their space (social media platforms or even offline), do your presence and activities give solution to their problems? Is your communication giving off positive energy that they cannot resist? From the way you walk, to the way you talk and how you contribute to conversations, is there any perception of something valuable that cannot be resisted? You see, the only way to build up on this is by self-development. You need to study and devote time to personal development in your chosen niche and in specific areas of life.

They define value by the feelings of having their questions answered.

This is especially for those who come up often on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). There is a way you can always be abreast of trends in your niche on social media. The first way is by keeping an eye on trending hashtags in your field. Another way is by following the leading brands in your field to see the nature of their contents (the questions they are answering).

If your contents are not satisfying the needs of your followers, you will soon lose relevance. So in order not to lose relevance, you must also follow those who are ahead of you to see what’s working around them. Another thing is to use Google Trends. This tool can give you access to what people are searching on Google per time and location even to your village.

Relating with your audiences’ definition of value

So, you see, it is absolute insensitivity and carelessness to just be dishing out stuff all in the name of giving value without taking time to find out what exactly your audience see as value so that you can be able to touch their pain-points. Until you touch a pain-point, you are not giving value. For instance, are you a singer? Value is not in the sweetness of your voice, but in defining the relaxation and pleasure it can give to your listeners.

Stop making it all about you. It’s about the feeling and emotions your service triggers. That’s what we call value in the business world.

Content Creation

Content creation is the art of value marketing in this inbound age where traditional marketing is off the stage. When creating your contents on social media and after having your definition of value correct, how do you present it? How easily accessible do you make your value? Do they have to watch the video or listen to the audio to the end before they can make sense out of it? When they read your article, do they have to read to the end before they can make a meaning out of all you’re saying?

If this is the nature of all you have been doing, take some time off to learn the art of content creation.

Actionable tips

Being a person of value using social media requires a good grasp of communication ethics. You need to understand how to keep your audience charmed till the end of your communication. When you understand that attention is to be commanded by constantly caressing the lusts and interests of your listeners (viewers and readers). It’s a skill that can be learnt and we can help you on that. Check out our Brand Clarity Coaching Page.


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  1. wow!!! This is Powerful, the way you wrote and threw spotlights on your point is so good. You are such an Amazing writer. keep it up!!!

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