13 Umuechem Street, D/Line, Port Harcourt, NG

Coaching Services

Brand Clarity Coaching

We help individuals who desire to build a personal brand around their knowledge, experience or expertise and young entrepreneurs who desire to brand their products & services to position their brands for growth and profit.

Academic Coaching

We coach students in colleges and high schools who are having academic challenges and memory issues, but with no proven signs of mental problems with effective learning and memory skills.


We guide young people who desire to grow their leadership & digital skills to get better and to grow their impact & influence. Mentorship is free, but within the first week, you need to have a copy of our book, “Where Are You Headed.”


We work with only serious-minded individuals within the ages 15 to 25 who are really ready for a change in their lives – those who are tired of their current state and are ready to take the seat of responsibility to move to their desired goals. If you are in this category, you’re very much welcome.

During our work with you, we help you to accurately and objectively define the problem/current realities, map out actionable steps (decisions) to move from that problem and as a part of the contract, we hold you accountable and ensure you follow through on your decision. Our coaching approach is to empower you by helping you to take the seat of responsibility and accountability.


Clarity Coaching is a process that leads to a deeper understanding of yourself, your values, your dreams, the world and even your present situations. This process is always facilitated by deep, targeted and self-searching questions that seek to help you gain perspective about yourself and your situation. The end is that you can make powerful decisions and take critical actions that will take you to your desired destination.

A Clarity Coach helps you to locate the answers deep within you by providing strategic and informed questions that will help you fetch them out. A Clarity Coach assists you to get to the core of your being in order to understand yourself and your dreams better. With the help of a Clarity Coach, you get to understand your situation better and see it from a clearer light in order to make sound decisions about them.

A Clarity Coach does not give you answers or help you to fix your problems, but he/she helps you to properly define your situation, take the seat of responsibility and ownership, fetch your answers from within yourself and then, keeps you accountable to ensure you follow through with your decisions.

You need a Clarity Coach when you feel any of these:

  • When you feel your vision is getting blurry or fuzzy and you cannot really understand what exactly you want to do with your life.
  • When you are lost in the midst of several options and you are suffering from indecision or when you are passing through a challenging situation that you really do not understand.
  • When you seem to be having conflicting passions or suffering from multiple-talent dilemma.
  • When, as a business, you have lost your bottom-line in the midst of several activities and you need to trace your steps back to what really is your differentiating factor in the industry.
  • When you find it difficult to understand what exactly you should live for.

Our bottom-line

To help young people get clear about their personal brand early enough & build relevance with it in the society.

Our mission

Equipping young people with knowledge required to lead a life of relevance in a fast-pacing world by building formidable brands with their talents, passion and values.