Are you a student? Congratulations!!!

At Clarylife Global, we take education and students' academic lives very seriously and that is one of our major areas of focus here. From our few years of working with students, some of the challenges we have observed to be common to them include:

  • Poor note-taking and note-making skills
  • Poor understanding of what studying really entails
  • Lack of motivation and wrong motivation for reading
  • Self-esteem issue and its serious negative impact on academic performance.

All of these and many more are issues we have helped a lot of students to resolve and we still love to help more students, including you. This is what birthed the Total Student Initiative, an arm of Clarylife Global that helps students to live a balanced, successful and productive academic and social life. The theme of this initiative is #BrilliantAndTalented. Under this arm, we have got a number of courses we take students on and they include, but not limited to:

  • Improved note-taking skills
  • Developing an effective & flexible study time table
  • Recognition & Recollection: Memory boosters, Keen knowledge of how the brain encodes and decodes information.
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Career Development.

So, what important thing do we emphasize to student?

Being a student is never an excuse, a challenge or a burden. It's all you'll ever be in life. The only difference is that you're currently in a schooling system in order to learn how to be a better student outside those walls.

Have it at the back of your mind that learning is universal and no university can adequately give you up to 90% percent of your leaning requirements while in school. However, the only legacy you can come out with is the legacy of having learnt the art of learning such that whatever it is you want to grasp in life, you can learn your way through it, all by yourself. That's the legacy and importance of schooling.


We organize seminars and workshops strictly for students and educators and we also consult for schools on strategies for classroom engagement, delivery styles and student-teacher relationship for improved academic performance in schools. We hold regular hangouts for teachers where we seek to inspire, motivate and empower them for their tasks and roles in the school.
Are you a student with some challenges and would you like to have a coaching session with us?