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Academic Coaching

Enough of battling with poor grades!

We've got a support group for you!

Education Brings Balance

We help students to see the reason to give time to personal development in the areas of talent discovery & deployment, skill acquisition, volunteering and entrepreneurship. We open their minds to see life beyond the school campuses and to begin planning for their lives outside those walls.

We help students to see the benefit of starting up something valuable while in school, which can eventually be scaled up even after graduating. In all, they see life beyond being a student.

Teachers Rejuvenation

We understand the importance of having teachers who are inspired and love what they are doing, stand before the class to engage students. Of a truth, an uninspired teacher will only produce a bunch of uninspired students. Because of this, we organize a hangout for teachers every term break.

In this programme, we share experiences and useful ideas with one another, sharpen our delivery skills in class and relational skills with students, watch videos to get ourselves stirred up and then get some refreshments. We also have a Facebook group where we share mutual stuff together.

Brilliant And Talented

Our “Brilliant And Talented” programme holds quarterly and with that, we help young people to develop effective learning skills that result in academic excellence and at the same time, giving them ample time for talent development. We stretch their minds to see the true essence of schooling and to see studying not just as levy for passing examinations, but as tools for societal relevance in any chosen endeavour. Would you like to sponsor (or partner with) this programme¬† with facility, publicity, hosting or media services?

Where are you headed web purposes

Here is a book that can help you balance academics with talent development & societal relevance.

Students' Testimonials

"I can comfortably read without stressing my pretty head out? Hey!!! I've found the best formula that works for me such that I can easily combine studies with part-time job and business. You can call me a Jackie but I can multi-task now without stress yet with a beautiful CGPA. All these are pursuant to our discussion on my academic challenge. Thanks Sir for everything, I appreciate. You remain my clarity Coach"
"Mr Simeon Taiwo is an educationist passionate about Academic excellence. He achieves this by unveiling effective strategies necessary for students' academic development. I strongly recommend him to students hungry for excellence."
I used to have challenging academic work load and he gave me some keys that have been really helpful. He spoke to me about the need to design and strictly follow a personalized study plan. He also gave me strategies to cope with studies when exams are fast approaching. These keys have really worked for me and you are bound to get more of these kinds of strategies if you allow Simeon Taiwo be your clarity coach