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As a clarity coach and a brand strategist, I obviously don’t just talk and teach. I stay hours into the late nights working most days. I must tell you the grind is real and the journey from dream to reality is not a straight line. It may be a straight route, but full of bumps, pits, hills and rocks. Am I saying this to get you scared? Not at all! There is still nothing as sweet as having your financial destiny all in your hands and not in the hands of one boss somewhere. It’s sweetest especially when you’re being paid for doing what you love, what inspires you and the thing that brings out the “God” in you. For me, it’s the imaginative & creative dimension of God.

Few things I have come to realize in my personal grind are these:

1) The things that will bring you the greatest fulfilment and establish your impact will never be the things you feel easy doing. The things that guarantee fulfilment always come with strains. There’s always a price to pay for impact and good report. It’s not always a test of professionalism, but always a test of attitude.

2) People always pay for the quantity of value they get from you and not how long it takes you to come up with that quantity of value. So, as someone in business of giving value, it’s your job to always seek ways of delivering same (or even increasing) value & reducing time spent. This is efficiency.

3) Never let your charging for value be inspired by a desperation for money, but by a determination to build a business that works. Even if you want to use Christian mind in some cases, state it clear and give a value that will make your customer feel deeply indebted.┬áReducing price for reasons best known to and giving something shabby because of that, is a brand KILLER. Also, you don’t reduce price because you’re desperate.

If you reduce price probably because of some tangible reasons best known to you & try to give something shabby because of that, you are destroying your brand. Also, if you reduce price because you need money, that action will haunt your business for life. I learnt this lesson in a hard way. A friend I helped some years back at a ridiculously low price was always bringing others and giving them that low price as my charge. After a long while, I saw that my business has found an enemy. I had to bluntly cut off.

4) In dealing with a client (sometimes difficult ones), always remember that regardless how they behave a treat you, how you respond is all they will hold to. As much as it lies in your Christian mind, never allow yourself to be upset. Serve till you can get a thank you. It’s vital. This is why you need emotional intelligence in dealing with clients. Money does not smell, but sometimes, the attitude of the giver smells. But you’re in business of course. Get the money, the testimonial and move on.

5) Professionalism is not all there is to business growth. Not at all. Of course, it’s the first criteria. But trust me, if that is all you give to your client, you’ve got several alternatives to your business. In fact, better ones. There are several professionals out there who may even be better than you are. So, give some empathy, some care, some romance and some continuous wooing to your clients. Customer loyalty requires more than knowing your stuff.

I hope this helps you a bit. Kindly share with your friends, drop your comments as well.

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I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.


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